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CORPWELL INTERIOR DESIGN LTD.  ,Registered Minor Contractor, established since 2002, keeps playing a leading role as commercial office interior design & contracting specialist in Hong Kong, by completion of varies of interior design and fit out projects from different representative public and private corporation clients throughout years, especially in commercial office interior design and fit out sectors. 


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CORPWELL INTERIOR DESIGN LTD.  provides professional interior design planning to each of our clients to fulfill your aims at functional requirements with the most cost-effective space solutions.

Therefore, it is the most important decision-making juncture for smart business investors, which they could easily pay off in increasing efficiency and productivity of their corporation. 



  • Commercial Office Interior Design;
  • Office Space Planning Design;
  • Office Filing Storage Planning Design;
  • Functionality Planning Design;
  • Residential Design;
  • Retail Outlet Design;
  • Air Conditioner Installation, Maintenance & Cleaning;
  • Furniture Design;
  • Custom Made System Furniture & Custom Made Carpentry Furniture Production

Our Vision

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Provide customers with details, professional and efficiency service is our CORPWELL vision.


CORPWELL  is committed to offer our clients with the most excellent interior design and the best quality on renovation and maintenance services, all customers obtain the most satisfaction guarantee.

Even after the project completion, our after-sales service still insists. CORPWELL keeps a long-term and continuous relationship with our clients.

Our Mission

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CORPWELL serves each of our clients with honesty and without frauds. We keep a long run for the business and have built up excellent co-operation relationship with clients, no matter how the projects scale from hundreds square feet to over fifty thousand square feet.

Our over 10 years’experience residential or commercial office interior designers and contractors combine rich knowledge and experience of interior design and fitting out works. These will assure that the outcomes, which bring to your project, are a perfect fit with your unique needs.

Our Service

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CORPWELL provides a wide range of services which including: space planning, interior design, project budget, construction management, etc.

CORPWELL is available to take care of each step of your project, includes on contacting with your estate agent, management office, all nominated contractors of the building (e.g. Fire Service, Air Conditioning, etc.) before the lease starts.

CORPWELL  starts our services of total turnkey solutions from "Pre-Lease Stage" to "Interior Design" and "Construction" stage of your premises, to decrease every client's anxiety arisen from every stage of fitting out. These ensure that you can concentrate on your other every important work without worries during and after the renovation of the project.

Our services will ever focus on FIVE main aspects: Design, Quality, Safety, Durability and Environmental Protection.


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Step 1:

Advice, quotes and other services


Step 2:

Preliminary communication with customers, in order to understand their current situation and needs, explaining the full process of design and construction


Step 3:

On-site for measurements and current status analysis


Step 4:

Formulate the initial layout plan drawing according to clients’ requirement


Step 5:

Discussion of the preliminary project budget and Information Research for the design


Step 6:

Confirmation of the construction period and payment method, contract with signature and chop


Step 7:

Construction starts based on the final plan, partial payment arrangement, monitoring the whole process by project supervisor/ manager


Step 8:

Job completion, customer final site-check for balance payment settlement


Step 9:

After sales service


Corpwell Academy

Teach You How To Escape The Trap By Rental Of An Office Or Commercial Space!!


[Building's Nominated Sub-Contractors]

Besides the fitout work cost, the following additional work & cost araised by management office you need to know!

1. Air Conditioning Systems

2. 24 hours Air Conditioning Systems

3. Main Electrical Cable

4. Water Piping & Drainage

5. Fire Services

6. Builder Works




[Energy Efficiency Of Building Services]

Useful Links

Buildings Department (http://www.bd.gov.hk)

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (http//:www.emsd.gov.hk)

Inland Revenue Department (https://www.ird.gov.hk)

Immigration Department (https://www.immd.gov.hk)

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) (https://www.epd.gov.hk)

Labour Department(http://www.labour.gov.hk)

Water Supply Department (https://www.wsd.gov.hk)

Town Gas (https://www.towngas.com)

HK Electric (http://www.hkelectric.com)

CLP (http://www.clp.com.hk)



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